Monday, September 1, 2014

Cappex $1,000 GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship

Who is this scholarship for?

The Cappex $1,000 GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship is open to almost all students who are more than just a number (in this case their Grade Point Average).

Who is eligible for the GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship?

This scholarship also does not require students to submit test scores, recommendations, or essays.  Instead, you simply need to be a student.  So whether you are a high school senior interested in English, a college sophomore who is going pre-med, or an aspiring engineer attending community college, you are eligible to apply.  To be eligible, you need to be a current or aspiring student in college, university, community college, or graduate school.
On another note, Cappex is also an awesome resource for checking out different colleges/navigating the admissions process.  The slogan of Cappex is “the college search made simple”–highly recommended website and definitely worth checking out.

How can I apply?

Click Below for the direct link!

When is the deadline?

The deadline for the $1,000 GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship is September 30, 2014, so get started TODAY!

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