Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Im First! Website AND Scholarship

Mr. Zarazua sent over information to this really cool website, read below:

 I’m First is an awesome website to check out for researching colleges and getting your questions answered. It's geared towards many students like YOU, who will be the first in their family to go to college. Aside from being a great college search engine, it also has stories and videos from 1st generation college students.

I’m First Scholarship

Am I eligible for this scholarship?

To be eligible, students must be enrolling in an I’m First College Partner institution.  The complete list of college partners can be found here.  The list  includes many highly-selective institutions such as Vanderbilt, University of Pennsylvania, Williams, Amherst College, and Stanford.

How much is this scholarship worth?

The scholarship award is a $2,000 four-year renewable scholarship.  Additionally, students have the opportunity to be student bloggers on I’m First (and give advice to other first gen students!).

What will the scholarship committee be looking at?

Good question!  The following factors will be considered:
  • Financial need
  • Writing skills
  • Unique perspective
  • Experience with community service
  • Leadership experience
  • Commitment to helping other first-generation college students
Additionally, the “strong capacity for blogging” will be considered.  This scholarship will not consider GPA, test scores, or intended majors.  Finally, undocumented students are encouraged to apply.
The scholarship application for this program can be found and completed online closer to the deadline.
Last years deadline for the I’m First Scholarship was May 24, 2013, so you can expect the deadline to be similar for 2014.

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